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"Dehkhanabad potash plant" JSC announces a competition for the position of the deputy chairman of the board for economics and finance. 

Community Address

Kashkadarya region, Dehkanabad district, Beshbulok GCM

Phone and fax number for communication

75-612-50-62 (from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

Email address


Contact a representative

Нармаматов Нажмиддин                                                  (https://t.me/DKZ_Kadr1)

Deadlines for receiving documents

Until 17:00 on August 14, 2023


Vacancy (position) duties

The following are the main duties of the Deputy Chairman of the Board (Economy and Finance):

 1. Within the scope of his powers, he ensures the effective and stable operation of the areas and directions of the company that he leads, and participates in its management (with the exception of issues that fall under the sole authority of the sole shareholder, the supervisory board, and the chairman of the company's management).

 2. The sole shareholder of the company, the supervisory board, and the chairman of the company's management execute the decisions and the following obligations:

 - effective cooperation of structural units;

 - fulfillment of contractual obligations of the society;

 - that the employees of the society comply with the rules and procedures in force in the society;

 - ensures the fulfillment of obligations under the collective agreement.

 3. Controls the development and implementation of the society's programs on economic and financial issues.

 4. Quarterly and annual reports on the financial activities of the society will be submitted to the sole shareholder of the society, the supervisory board of the society and the responsible executive staff of the society's board of directors.

 5. The sole shareholder of the company, the supervisory board, the audit commission, the internal audit and the chairman of the board will provide the requested documents without hindrance.

 6. Ensures the preservation of information constituting the official or commercial secret of the society (the list of information constituting a commercial secret is determined by the local documents of the society).

 7. Participates in the organization of management meetings of the society and signs the documents of the society within the powers given by the chairman of the management.

 8. Ensures compliance with labor and performance discipline by employees of the society, their social guarantees and labor protection.

 9. Organizes the financial and economic activities of the society aimed at the effective use of all types of resources in the process of selling services in order to increase profit and fulfill the indicators of the business plan of the society.

 10. In the interest of the society when using their

Acts accordingly and fulfills his duties conscientiously.

 11. Takes measures to use the knowledge, skills, experience and abilities of the society's employees at a high level.

 12. In his activities, he must comply with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the company's charter, the orders and decisions of the company's sole shareholder, the decisions of the minutes of the company's supervisory board, the orders and decisions of the chairman of the company's board, other local documents and this contract, as well as those specified in the job description.  must perform other duties.

 13. The deputy chairman of the board is obliged to:

 - Compliance with the requirements of the legislation and normative legal documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan, including the fight against corruption;

 - not to offer, promise, allow, initiate, give, consent, as well as directly or indirectly receive or demand money or any other material rights or other things  or lack of consent.

 - prevent any affected persons from gaining an unreasonable advantage or other illegal goals;

 - refraining from actions that may be interpreted by others or not participating in corrupt actions;

 - to take measures to prevent any possibility of a conflict of interest situation and to notify the employer immediately if it occurs.

 14. The deputy chairman of the board is personally responsible for the performance of business plan indicators and orders of higher management bodies.

 15. Performs other duties and functions specified in the job description.

Qualification requirements for candidates

- Must have at least 5 years of work experience in management positions by specialty;

 -Computer literacy and the ability to use accounting software;

 - Ability to communicate in Shet languages ​​(Russian and English);

 - Having a higher economic education obtained in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan or in a foreign state educational institution recognized as equivalent to education in the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Salary and financial support

"DKZ" JSC is determined in accordance with the Regulation on remuneration and incentives for the work of management members and incentives and compensations paid to corporate management and control bodies.

List of documents to be submitted for participation in the competition

 1.Reference lens (by sample).

 2. A copy of the diploma on education, in addition, a copy of the document confirming the academic degree and title.

 3. Employment record (or proof of work experience

 other types of documents) copy.

 4. Citizen's passport confirming the candidate's identity

 a copy.

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